RIDYKEULOUS, 2006, 49 pp. full-color zine, available through Printed Matter. SOLD OUT. Collector's editions available upon request.

Front cover Suzanne Wright, back cover Kathe Burkhart , with contributions by Suzanne Wright, Kathe Burkhart, Ridykeulous, Christian Lemerz, K8 Hardy, Lara Schnitger, Ashley Reid, Nicole Eisenmann, Lindsay Brant, Lisa Sanditz, Daphne FItzpatrick, Lisi Raskin, Catherine Lord, Keith Boadwee, A.L. Steiner, Ellen Lesperance & Jeanine Oleson, Eileen Miles, Carrie Moyer, Adam Rolston, Nicola Tyson, Ulrike Muller, Melissa Logan/Chicks on Speed, Daniel Bozhkov, Rachel Harrison, Amy Sillman, L.M. Childs, Claude Wampler, Miranda Lichtenstein.

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